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About is an online community where you can discuss sustainability, climate change, ecology and other green topics. If you want to see how it looks before joining, visit our profile page and navigate through our users. was created by Softerize Sistemas Ltda., a software company from Brazil.


Source: Population Division of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations Secretariat, World Population Prospects: The 2010 Revision and The World at Six Billion

This chart sums up the main motivation for this web app. In 50 years (1960 - 2010) our population more than doubled. When you consider the fact that our planet has some resources that are limited, it seems logic that we need to "calibrate" our way of life in order to maintain our world function for as long as we can.

The population growth has implications in our society, economy and, specially, in the environment. Many scientists claim that we are the main cause for the climate change, due to the increase emission of greenhouse gases. There are also many endangered species and even extinct animals because we are destroying their natural habitats.


Sustainability is the capacity to endure.


The idea for this web application first appeared in 2009, when Oscar Dias founded Softerize. Due to different reasons, this project was postponed several times, going live only in 2012. Its goal is to work as a hub for people and organizations share sustainability related news, initiatives, pictures, articles, etc.

Eventhough global warming is a frequent subject of TV shows and magazine articles, the discussion about sustainability goes beyond that. The growing population and consumption in a planet with limited resources leads to economic, environment and social challenges.

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